February 26, 2009

Random observations

I am continually amused (and annoyed) by people who spend ten minutes explaining why they cannot possibly take on a new task because they are too busy, when in reality, that new task would probably have taken the equivalent of the time they just spent defending their "business."

Also, what is with this business of people having conversations on the phone in public places about private issues? For instance, yesterday I was in the coffee/cafe area of Borders and a woman (with a very loud, far-carrying voice) decided it was appropriate to discuss her current health issues and all of the tests she had undergone for the day (mammogram, etc.). I shot a few reproaching glances her way, but my actions were futile as she continued her conversation without even a pause. Even after the blender interrupted her on a number of occasions, the woman proceeded explain her current medical situation. Seriously?

On an unrelated note, I FINALLY saw Slumdog Millioaire last night -- it was amazing. All of the buzz and recognition surrounding the movie was definitely warranted in my opinion. However, my top pick for movies I have recently viwed is still Revolutionary Road, which received very little Oscar recognition.

February 19, 2009

Sniffles and gadgets

This week has been consumed with the fighting of yet another cold. I have given up on trying to figure out how it is I keep contracting these sicknesses and instead have just accepted that I am going to feel like crap for the majority of the winter. Today I'm feeling quite a bit better, but I'm hoping for even more improvement overnight so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow skiing Vail.

Even in the wake of my sniffles this week, I have had ample opportunity to test out my new best friend -- the Garmin Nuvi 265. I always scoffed at others who relied on GPS units to get them to their destinations, priding myself as a person who can identify due North in most situations, as well as someone who can read a map. However, as someone who attends a number of events in new places and who often travels there solo, I was growing tired of trying to read the directions while driving. Enter the Nuvi, which guides me via a map and through spoken directions. I love it! I'm excited to try out the POI (points of interest) feature when traveling to new places -- it lists everything from restaurants to parks.

Last night, the Nuvi directed me to a new volunteer opportunity that I am very excited about -- Volunteer for Outdoor Colorado. I'm looking forward to taking part in a number of projects with the group this summer and fall, as well as meeting and hanging out with some like-minded folks who are interested in sustainability and the outdoors. Click HERE for more on the group.

February 13, 2009

Same blog, new location

The last few weeks have been pretty busy with traveling to New Mexico and Arizona last week for work to volunteering and meetings this week. Last weekend was spent skiing and attending a wig party/fundraiser to raise money to send care packages to my brother's troop (or unit or something). Although I would still consider myself a beginner, my skiing skills are definitely improving -- I didn't fall one time last weekend and even skied a few blue runs. I'm still hoping to ski 10 times this season and will probably go up next weekend and the following Saturday as well.

It looks like this weekend will be a nice, relaxing couple of days with minimal activities, with one exception being the Galactic concert at the Fillmore tomorrow night.