April 28, 2009

American Trails

For all of my fellow trail lovers, check out the American Trails site -- it's awesome. The site provides a myriad of resources, including state-specific information on trail systems for activities for every season.
You can also join American Trails and support the important work they do to serve the trails community.

Loft living, mile-high style

I'm about 90% settled in my new place downtown -- still have a few pictures to hang and some other minor decorating tasks to complete, but for the most part, I'm in. I've received a number of requests from friends and family to see pictures, so here's my new place so far ...

April 21, 2009

Jury duty

As a former news reporter who covered the court beat on a regular basis for years, I've had my fair share of experiences with the court system. However, spending an entire day (nearly nine hours) in voir dire yesterday as a potential juror provided me a new perspective on not only the system, but also on people in general. I spent the majority of the time soaking it all in -- the people, the process and the system as a whole. Most intriguing by far were the people and their stories. I suspect I know now more intimate details about the lives of a roomful of strangers than I do about a number of my friends.

Particularly interesting were the views held by a many of potential jurors pertaining to mental illnesses. The case involved a man who allegedly shot and killed two of his neighbors last year and has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. What amazed me was the large number of individuals who basically do not believe mental illnesses exist. I understand the speculation surrounding the not- guilty-by-reason-of-mental-illness plea, but to denounce mental illnesses as a whole?

And, perhaps it wouldn't be fair to say the experience provided me with a new perspective, but instead reminded me that the world is filled with differing opinions, perspectives and biases.

I am just happy to report that I will not be spending the next week-and-a-half as a juror. Deducting from what little we were told about the case (in addition to the news reports and other information I discovered last night), it is not going to be an easy week for any of them.

In other news, I made the move downtown this weekend (in the rain, no less) and am LOVING my new place. I cannot wait until every last box is unpacked and I am completely settled. Next comes exploring my new neighborhood - yay!

April 18, 2009

Moving day

Sitting here waiting for the movers to arrive and listening to the rain. Yes, I said rain. Of all the days it could rain, why today? I guess it could be worse as it snowed all day yesterday and last night. Oh well, thank goodness for movers because I would have felt awful dragging my friends out to help me move while it's pouring rain.

And speaking of the move, after canceling my lease at the boutique apartments, I found a place in the ballpark neighborhood downtown (two blocks north of Coors Field). Not only is the location excellent but the apartment itself is amazing. It's a loft-style unit -- industrial with exposed concrete and open ceilings, etc. I can't wait to be downtown and to be able to walk everywhere -- suburbia just doesn't do it for me.

But for now, it's waiting and listening to the rain.