September 24, 2009

on the eve of 29

As someone who tends to set annual goals on birthdays versus employing the New Year's Resolutions path, I have been thinking a lot in the past few days about what I would like to achieve in my 29th year of life. Of course, this also prompted me to analyze my 28th year and the goals met and lessons learned.

My goals for 29 carry extra magnitude as they also will include those accomplishments I hope to achieve before turning 30. So, without further avail, the lists:

Lessons learned/accomplishments at 28
- Made the move to downtown Denver -- no more suburbia for me
- Began my CCC certification (application, portfolio)
- Took my first solo vacation (extra points for international)
- Obtained a passport
- Made new friends
- Let go of other relationships that were not benefiting me
- Learned to ski (still learning)
- Listened and acted on my gut feeling/intuition
- Expanded professional contacts
- Continued to improve in my position/field
- Reached a point where I felt I finally "belong" at TSGT
- Began playing softball again (after a 10-year hiatus)
- Renewed past friendships

Goals for 29
- Document each day through a photograph
- Do something daily that improves my life or the life of someone else
- Serve successfully as president of the Denver Jaycees
- Branch out to other organizations/groups
- Be more financially responsible
- Successfully complete my CCC certification
- Run a 1/2-marathon
- Stay in my apartment (thus breaking the habit of moving annually)
- Be a better friend
- Journal/blog more frequently