October 26, 2010

just do it!

Although it's been more than a week ago, I'm happy to announce (late) that I completed my first half-marathon! It was definitely a challenge, but very rewarding as well. My ultimate goal was to finish, with no expectations of time, and I did just that.

Honestly, I had a really great time. Both the weather and the course were ideal, with just the right amount of hills and flats, and I found myself enjoying the experience. The aftermath was not too bad either; quads were pretty sore for a few days, but I didn't experience any joint pain or soreness, including my knees (which is a small miracle).

I plan to participate in the Mickelson Trail Half-Marathon in June and perhaps another race in the fall. One thing I did realize from my experience is that I may never complete a full marathon. After witnessing a coworker's pain and discomfort associated with running 26.2 miles, not to mention the time required for the training, I may just call it good with 13.1 miles.

Tonight is the first of four sessions for Mindfulness 101. I'm really looking forward to the course and hope to gain some valuable information related to subject. This weekend brings a trip to Laramie and time spent traipsing around my alma mater, including a Pokes football game on Saturday. I'm looking forward to taking a stroll down memory lane, as well as making new ones with my friend and current grad student, Lacey. Plenty of photos to follow. 

October 8, 2010

the big 3-0

From Las Vegas to Denver, celebrating my 30th was a great time. Thanks to all my friends for making it an experience to remember. Love you all. :-)

I'm 30. Yep, it happened whether I was willing or not. And, turns out there is not much of a difference between 29 and 30, except for the fact that I am taking some steps to be a bit more responsible. 

This week included an inaugural meeting with a financial counselor, as well as a session with a personal trainer. I also signed up for four-week class focusing on mindfulness, which begins in November (super excited for this!) and recommitted to running the half-marathon. I had signed up for the event months ago, but then lost my motivation to train for it and pretty much gave up on it. However, thanks to a dear friend, I've decided to give it my best shot, with a goal of finishing before the streets are reopened. 

Next week takes me to Durango, Colo.,  for a work trip and then the race, to finish off the weekend. I'm looking forward to visiting what I've been told is an amazing little town.  As always, I'm grateful to have a job that allows me to explore and travel our service territory and hope to take full advantage of my time there. So, until next time,