January 6, 2011

be where your feet are

It's a new year and along with it comes the dreaded resolutions. Year after year, I say I'm not going to make them, but as someone who is a habitual goal setter, how can I pass up the opportunity? I guess technically though my version varies as instead of abiding by the traditional new year resolutions, I develop an overriding theme for each year and then set goals in each life area according to the theme.

So, for 2011, I have decided my theme is mindfulness. I realize it's quite a broad concept, but one I really began exploring in the past few years. And, in 2011, I would like to take it up a notch and focus more on being present in the moment and making each one count in the different areas of my life.

Last year, I began really delving into the subject and even took a four week class. However, I definitely still have a lot to learn and put into practice. I know from my short time in dabbling in the practice of mindfulness that it can make a significant difference in how I feel and react to the circumstances around me. I look forward to making mindfulness more of a priority in 2011 and learning to be where my feet are.