April 19, 2011

my b-l-o-g is b-o-r-i-n-g

I'm bored with my blog. It's not so much the blog itself that I am in current dislike with but the whole concept behind mine -- in that there isn't one.
Basically, I've just been using my blog as a platform to communicate my happenings in an effort to provide my family and friends a bit more insight into that which is my life. But, I find this tactic rather mundane for the most part and I suspect those who regularly read (or happen to stumble upon) my blog share in my sentiment.

So, where do the current feelings for my blog stem? Well, for starters and as previously mentioned, I'm lacking a theme, something to inspire me and provide ideas as well as to tie it all together. And then there's the part where I love, love, love WordPress, but my blog is currently a Blogspot. But, if I do the big changeover, I'll lose all my current content. *sigh*

What to do? I could just scrap the blog altogether and not have to worry about it. But, truth be told, I do enjoy the creative outlet the blog inspires, much different from my daily corporate writing style. I could conduct a major brainstorming session and develop some new and exciting theme that does not yet exist in the blogosphere (not likely). Or, I could just cut my losses, move my existing blog to Wordpress, continue in my current ways of blogging and deal with the fact that my blog has no theme.

The one thing I do know is that it that despite a few lingering clouds, the sun is managing to make an appearance this afternoon so I'm heading out to soak up some Vitamin D via a trail run. I'll let the whole blog dilemma stew for a bit and hopefully a solution will  transpire. In the meantime, any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. 

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